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Delta 8 Is Being Competitively Sold Wholesale In Several States

A new product is hitting the shelves online and in person that’s generating a lot of press: Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta 8 for short.It’s nearly identical chemically to THC, the infamous and intoxicating compound found in marijuana. The small difference in composition that does exist is enough to make a big difference upon consumption.An extract of this compound from marijuana produces a high that is described by some as being a fraction the strength of a high from smoking regular marijuana. Most companies do not find it economically viable to actually extract Delta 8 from hemp, and so instead rearrange (isomerize) and tinker with molecules of CBD until they convert into Delta 8.

People are still approaching Delta 8 with caution as yet another discovery associated with the popular plant, but there’s an undeniable curiosity and interest in the matter. The market for this product is quickly burgeoning. Companies have decided that the time is right to begin producing their own signature brands of Delta 8 products – everything from gummy candy and lollipops to vape cartridges and baked goods. Many companies offer wholesale shipping to entities in need of high volume amounts of Delta 8.


Is it Legal to Buy Delta 8?

It’s not unreasonable for potential customers to have questions about the legality of this industry. The United States has a fragmented and disjointed approach to controlling cannabis. It’s important to do your own research to make sure your personal or financial concerns are completely addressed. It’s a good idea to consult all laws applicable to your intended purchases. Bear in mind that this will mean staying on top of rapidly shifting legal decisions. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at where Delta 8 currently stands.

Marijuana, defined by the Controlled Substances Act as any hemp plant with a concentration of THC crystals above 0.3% is still federally illegal to own, use, grow, or sell. However, a farming bill passed in 2018 legalized hemp, generating a lot of confusion. Some sources state that the farming bill’s wording enables Delta to be regulated purely at the state and local level. Other sources argue that the production of Delta 8 from CBD makes it artificial, and therefore banned by the law.

Regardless, recent administrations have made occasional statements that states will be allowed to legalize marijuana uncontested by the federal government. A number of states have banned Delta 8 altogether, but most are currently allowing it. Anyone looking to purchase some has a lot of options, even if they wish to purchase wholesale quantities.


Wholesale Delta-8

Many companies jumping into this industry are wary of people attempting to take advantage of the still fledgeling system. To protect themselves, they’ve restricted visibility of the wholesale prices for their Delta 8 products. That being said, some inferences can be made about price points.


Wholesale Flower

After browsing a few websites, some offers are priced similarly. Oftentimes, 1.5 grams of Delta 8 flower can sell for $10, while 28 grams, or 1 ounce of the same flower can cost $100. Breaking that down to a price per gram, the 1.5 offer costs $6.66/gram. The ounce breaks down to roughy $3.6/gram. The savings opportunities in this case are clear. That scenario is a good start to getting a feel for the wholesale Delta 8 industry, but it’s not enough yet. There’s a difference between the real price of wholesale and a mere bulk discount. Most outlets are charging hundreds of dollars for a pound of Delta 8 flower. If the actual price is $500 for a pound, then that divides to $31.25 per ounce. That would once again bring about the possibility of impressive savings down the line.


Wholesale Extracts

Extracts are not created equal to flower. They last as products for much longer, and have much more latitude to scale up their potency. Isolates, oils, and distillates all can be purified to maximize the inebriating effects of Delta 8. Flower can only be bred and grown, an arduous process that takes much longer. The question is, is there an increased cost to go along with this heightened capability? One company doesn’t publicly disclose its wholesale prices. Their site does provide further information, however, about their bulk discount. They offer 10 grams of distilled Delta 8 for $70.00. At $7 a gram, this flower is not cheap, but not exorbitant either.

A purchase from this business of 100 grams comes to $475 with a rate of $4.75 per gram. In terms of other options for wholesale, there are alcohol based tinctures as well. Four bottles of Delta 8 tincture (about an ounce of liquid in a bottle) goes for $72. This breaks down to $18 for an ounce of tincture. They are generally a powerful means of ingesting psychoactive compounds, with only a few drops often needed for a serving. It’s not unexpected that they’d be on the pricer side.


Get a Second Opinion

The numbers described here do not necessarily represent the current industry standard. Don’t be afraid to browse multiple venues when looking for a selection to make. As this industry is still finding its legs, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you find significant differences in price for the same product across different websites. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different wholesalers to source all of your needs. You might need to create accounts with a bunch of different outlets, but you’ll be rewarded for your diligence with the savings you earn by not compromising.

Some organizations are open to negotiation, so providing information about what you need and how much you can spend is an important step in the process. When finding a wholesaler to work with, keep in mind that foreign customers and businesses will be subjected to different laws. This will complicate most transactions. Having legal representation to examine the regulations regarding Delta 8 is ideal.

Delta-8 THC Products Are Being Sold In Bulk Around the Country

If you’re like a lot of people right now, you might be wondering what the deal is with the latest craze going around. Delta 8 is a compound which has been storming headlines and flying off of shelves for months.Delta 8, or Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is derived from marijuana in two main ways. It can be simply extracted from the plant, although this isn’t ideal. It makes up about 1% of the chemical makeup of the average cannabis plant, so companies trying to establish a viable line of Delta 8 products typically stick with the other common method.

The preferred technique revolves around creating an isomer of CBD, another weed product that’s been popular for a while. The word “isomer” means that a compound is rearranged so that its molecules are in different positions.After plying it with an acid or base to make a few more minor changes, the isomer converts to Delta 8.


That’s great, but what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that Delta 8 is becoming regarded by users as a respectable alternative to other marijuana products. Its configuration allows the compound to bind to the same receptors as marijuana, but in a less effective manner. It still produces a buzz, but at a more manageable level, and without the negative psychological effects that are sometimes associated with consuming cannabis. Delta 8 can be inserted into a dizzying list of different items, including but not limited to:

  • Distillates
  • Isolates
  • Tinctures
  • Vape Carts
  • Candies
  • Beverages
  • Lotions
  • Diffusers
  • Candles

The list goes on!


What’s the legal status of Delta 8?

This is where things get tricky. Originally, marijuana and any of its constituents were illegal to own, use, manufacture, or sell. Then states began legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana. This led to the ramping up of cannabis-based interstate commerce, although it was still slow going for a number of reasons. To this day, financial institutions that are in the cannabis industry or thinking about jumping are wary of running afoul of federal regulatory bodies. Congress has been slowly alleviating these concerns through legislation. As the realm of cannabis becomes more legitimate, more experimentation and research has been conducted. That’s how Delta 8 got to where it is today.

A landmark 2018 agriculture bill federally legalized all hemp and hemp products which are not in excess of 0.3% THC concentration. There’s still plenty of debate about the fallout from this enactment. Regardless, companies have taken this as the green light to start shipping massive amounts of Delta 8 products across the country.Individual states are abstaining from allowing Delta 8 within their borders. To that end, the following states do not allow Delta 8 to be shipped across their lines:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Alabama

This is a rapidly developing situation. It is important to thoroughly consult local, state, and federal laws to determine your exposure in dealing with Delta 8 as a customer, a business entity, or both. Shipping in bulk can naturally bring more attention, so most organizations dealing in bulk deals will adopt a few measures. For example, they are often tight-lipped about their prices and offers, to avoid being scalped by the competition. Some like to be contacted directly by email with a pitch for what sort of deal could take place. Some companies that ship bulk Delta 8 specify that they prefer to deal with a small number of different kinds of outlets, including:

  1. Farmers

Farmers, people who run co-ops, and the brokers for these kinds of people often need to purchase huge amounts of natural products.


  1. Retail Outlets

This is one of the oldest business relationships, that of a wholesaler/bulk dealer and retail entity.


  1. Research/Medical Institutes

These are the sorts of places that make products like Delta 8 viable for commerce in the first place. It’s natural for them to need a lot of product to work with.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into what shipping Delta 8 in bulk looks like on the ground right now.


Bulk Delta 8

Some companies are already specializing in producing bulk amount of Delta 8 goods at wholesale prices. For example, you might see a website offer wholesale pricing on over five kilograms of raw goods such as distillate. Another page can offer 50 kilograms of distillate! You’ll notice some of the more enterprising businesses will have different packaging depend on the amount of product being shipped. One company’s bulk orders use glass jars with a special ultraviolet tinting to prevent deterioration for anything over 100 grams.

Browsing through multiple companies’ webpages reveals that Delta 8 flower products will often sell at between $300 and $800 for a pound. Bulk shipments of distillate (anything from an ounce to 100 grams or more) can come in special containers designed for heat baths. This is beneficial because heat is sometimes used to activate cannabis products. Delta 8 THC oil is being sold in increments of over a thousand grams, for prices in the low thousands. These deals can seem so pricey upfront that bulk shipping might not seem worth the effort, but that need not be the case. It is up to the customer to completely break down the price points being presented.

The opportunity of significant savings exists on a per-gram scale, depending on the nature of supply and demand.

The infrastructure for the cannabis industry is growing by billions of dollars. This means that bulk shipping for Delta 8 may become much more prominent in the future. If you’re interested, start doing research today.

Finding The Right Delta 8 Wholesale To Buy Bulk From

What Is Delta 8?

I’m sure you have heard of delta 8 THC by now. It’s the newest type of product in the CBD craze, however, delta 8 is not like CBD. Delta 8 is in a category all on its own. Its name suggests that it is in fact a THC. This one doesn’t require a medical card, so you can see why it’s all the rage.

For starters, delta 8 THC is legal in most of the US. There’s only a few states in which it isn’t. Delta 8 is similar to delta 9 THC, which isn’t legal, because they share some of the same similarities. Unlike CBD, delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Therefore, people can feel mind, and body, relaxation and euphoria, when they take delta 8 THC. This is why delta 8 is so popular on the market.

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid, that is made from hemp. It is produced in such tiny amounts, that it requires A LOT of hemp, in order to produce even the smallest amount. Takes a lot of work to make delta 8, but it’s definitely worth all of their effort. We’re very appreciative for it.


Finding The Right Wholesale For Your Needs

When it comes to purchasing wholesale delta 8 carts, wholesale should be the only way to go. Buying direct from wholesale saves you money in a few different ways. It cuts out the middle man, and their prices, which means you are getting it for a cheaper price. Saving money that you would usually spend to buy the same amount of product, is always a business victory.

Wholesale also has better deals than just buying it from their regular site, too. Once again, saving you even more money. While saving this money, you will also be able to still place the product for sale at the regular price. This whole situation creates wins all around.

You have to make sure you find the right wholesale for you, and your needs though. When you are looking for your wholesale to order from there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • What type of products do I need?
  • Is there a certain brand that’s being asked for?
  • Read the reviews.

This list can help make sure you’re getting quality delta 8 THC product. You don’t want to waste your time, or money, on bad products. There’s no fun in that.

When searching for the right wholesale for you, remember what type of products that you need, or want. There are many kinds of delta 8 products available, and they are all very popular. You want to specifically look for the products that you want, and the wholesale websites that are available for them. Narrowing down your search will help you find just what you are looking for, and filters out unwanted stuff.

Delta 8 is all the rage right now! People are absolutely in love with it. Is there any certain popular brand that’s being asked for, or talked about? Popular products usually get that way by having a good quality product, but if people you know are talking about, or recommending it, then it’s probably legit. Word of mouth does wonders for a brand’s reputation. People don’t go around saying wonderful things about a terrible product to their friends, or ask if you’re going to start selling it. Keep any specific brands in mind, if you’ve heard about them.

Before buying from any wholesale website, READ THE REVIEWS! This is crucial! It’s so important that you look the reviews over, and read through them. The reviews are left by customers who have bought their products. They might have attached images, so you can see what the product looks like when it comes in from them. You can read what the customers are saying about the products.

Reviews allow you to know if the products are high, or low, quality. If they do what they’re supposed to. How it might smell, or taste. It can also inform you if the website is a scam site, which can happen. Reading the reviews can save you from wasting money, and time, on buying the wrong products. They can be such a huge life saver. They’re a not so hidden gem, that doesn’t get the credit that they deserve.

I would shop around at first, and buy from a couple different wholesale websites. Placing small orders, of course. This will allow you to see which wholesale has the best delta 8 THC products that you like, and the best quality. Shopping around allows you find the best wholesale for you, and your needs. It allows you to find what you like the best, with the best price. You want to make sure you’re getting the best delta 8 product that you can.


Time For Bulk Orders

Now that you have found the best wholesale for you, it’s time to place a bulk order. If you’re wondering why order bulk, it’s really simple.

Delta 8 is in high demand. It does not spend time sitting on the shelves. You are buying direct from wholesale. You are already getting a better deal from doing this as is, however, bulk orders allow even better discounts, and deals.

Placing bulk orders mean that you are buying in large quantities. Wholesale is going to give you a better deal on bulk orders, than when you purchase the products separately. Therefore, saving you even more money, which in turn allows you to make more money, when you sell it.

You can never buy too much delta 8 THC either. A bulk order will never be too large, or too much. As I’ve stated, delta 8 doesn’t stay sitting on the shelves. It will bring you business, and no matter how much product you buy, it will be bought. Delta 8 pretty much sells itself, as long as it’s a quality product.

What Is The Difference Between Marijuana And Hemp?

The Cannabaceae family grows large varieties of cannabis plants. Which are known by two different names. Marijuana & Hemp are two separate varieties of plants, contrary to popular belief. In fact, they aren’t even different species.

The law distinguishes between “hemp” and “marijuana,” despite the fact that science does not.

The content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main legal distinction between the two. THC is one of the several compounds discovered in the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. It’s the one that’s mostly responsible for the “high” that comes from marijuana.


The Hemp Plant 

The hemp plant is a legal alternative to marijuana. It is mainly distinguished due to its low THC levels. Less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

What is the significance of 0.3%?

A book from 1979, titled, “The Species Problem in Cannabis: Science & Semantics” explained these calculations. Author Ernest Small discusses how difficult it is to distinguish between hemp and cannabis because there is no taxonomic difference between the two.

The 0.3% rule was presented by Small as a possible solution, but he admitted that it is an arbitrary amount.

All these factors were taken into consideration during the formation of the 2018 US farm bill stating hemp as a legal cannabinoid in the US. Since the psychoactive compounds of THC are low in concentration, hemp could be sold and consumed legally.

Unless farmers have a cultivation license to grow industrial hemp with no more than 0.3% THC. The European Union has put the restriction at 0.2%, while the UK has set the limit at zero percent.


How Is Hemp Grown?

In contrast to marijuana plants, which are frequently grown in greenhouses or indoor grow facilities, hemp plants are virtually exclusively grown outdoors.

Because hemp is vulnerable to the same predators, illnesses, and insects that attack marijuana, many farmers adopt a strategy known as crop rotation, which involves planting alternate crops in the same location to prevent the organisms from accumulating.

The order in which crops are rotated and the sorts of crops that are rotated with hemp will be determined by the farm’s location. Hemp can also be grown as a rotational crop on farms where it is not the principal crop.


Is Hemp Useful?

Hemp is a type of plant which can be used to make CBD, a recreational medication. Hemp-derived, CBD medication has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] as an epilepsy treatment.

Many people use CBD products to treat a variety of conditions all across the world, treating everything from cancer to acne. But more scientific research is needed on CBD’s usefulness in such health conditions.

As previously indicated, CBD extracted from hemp has a wide range of applications. The FDA-approved medication for treating childhood epilepsy is the most official.

Beyond that, additional research is needed, however, experts are interested in using CBD to cure or alleviate the symptoms of:

  • Alzheimer’s disease [A type of dementia]
  • Cancer, Inflammation, Mental Disorders
  • Chronic and neuropathic pain
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) [A type of anxiety illness that causes nightmares]
  • Depression, insomnia, panic attacks
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder in Social Situations


What Does Hemp Look Like?

Hemp, particularly farmed for fiber or seed, is usually shorter and skinnier (up to 20 ft). It resembles long ditch weed at times, although hemp has been discovered growing amid weeds in Nebraska, Kansas, and other states.

When you compare a marijuana farm to one that grows industrial hemp, you’ll find that they’re plainly not the same.

Hemp, unlike marijuana, is used in a variety of ways. Healthy dietary supplements, skincare topicals, edibles such as gummies and brownies, are among them.

Legal hemp goods are now available not only online, but also in numerous grocery stores and gas stations. Hemp is thought to have over 25,000 applications in all.



When people mention “marijuana,” they usually mean cannabis that can make you high. The phrase is synonymous with “weed” and a variety of other terms.

Hemp may be cultivated more densely than marijuana, which requires plenty of space to avoid mold or bacteria. Marijuana plants are planted be distanced from each other having only one crop yield every 4 feet square.

On the contrary, hemp yields that are to be used for extracting oil are planted at a density of 35 to 55 plants every 4 feet square.

Plants grown for fiber are planted even more densely, at a rate of 100 to 120 plants per 4 square feet.


How Is Marijuana Different Than Hemp?

Marijuana is largely different than Hemp due to its high concentrations of the Delta-9 THC compounds.

The amount of THC in cannabis plants varies. Some strains have been cultivated to have a higher THC content than others.

The fundamental distinction between the two is their chemical makeup, particularly in terms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the molecule that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. The THC level of a typical batch of marijuana ranges from 5 to 20%. THC levels in quality marijuana can range from 25 to 30 percent.


What Does Marijuana Look Like?

Marijuana has a distinct appearance from hemp. Marijuana leaves grow in three different forms. They either grow broad in size, look like a tight bud, or appear to be nugget-shaped with tiny crystals or hairs covering their surface.

Hemp, on the other hand, has thinner leaves with a higher concentration of them near the top. Below the top half of the plant, there are few branches or leaves. Marijuana appears to be a fleeting fad when viewed from a distance.



While the subject can be complicated and perplexing, the differences explained here will shed some light on it and adequately explain the distinction between hemp and marijuana.

Despite their problematic use, the labels “hemp” and “marijuana” have become profoundly embedded in our culture and society.

There is a clear need to re-educate the world, on the benefits of hemp and marijuana.

Because these phrases are used in a legal context, it’s critical to know what they imply, how they differ, and how they relate to cannabis in order to fully grasp your rights and avoid legal pitfalls when using CBD products.

Different Ways To Consume CBD

CBD has a lot of potential health benefits. CBD has been shown in numerous studies to have the ability to aid with a variety of health issues such as stress, anxiety, and even epilepsy.

The stigma attached to CBD as a result of its link to marijuana is dissipating. It can’t be denied, though, that many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of smoking a CBD joint.

Of course, some people dislike smoking in general and hence avoid using CBD, even though it may benefit them with their health issues.

The best thing is that CBD can now be consumed in a variety of ways. Anyone who wishes to test CBD and enjoy its effects can do so by inhalation, ingestion, topical application, or sublingual administration.

Each approach has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the ideal consumption method for you will be determined by your personal preferences and needs.

In this article, we’ll go through various CBD intake techniques to help you figure out which one is ideal for you.


Different Ways To Consume CBD:

  • Smoking
  • Topicals [Creams & Lotions]
  • Ingestion [Gummies, Brownies, Edibles]
  • Sublingual Products [Tinctures & Sprays]
  • Vaping



One of the easiest methods to reap the benefits of CBD is to take it orally. Smoking ingests the CBD directly through the lungs and passes into the bloodstream, creating an instantaneous effect.

An oil rig that looks like a normal water pipe can be used to smoke CBD concentrate.

To smoke CBD oil, you’d need to add the CBD oil inside the rig and heat it for about 30-40 secs till the foam starts to develop, the CBD concentrate will evaporate the enter directly into your bloodstream.

Rolling a joint containing high-CBD is a simple option. If you want to try via the latter way, be aware that you will also be taking in Delta-9 THC.


Advantages Of Smoking CBD:

  • It’s the quickest method of delivery
  • Smokes carry high concentrations of CBD.


Drawbacks Of Smoking:

  • A CBD smoke can be a great alternative to tobacco smoke, however, excessive smoking can have a bad impact on the lungs and throat.
  • People with severe medical conditions may not benefit from CBD smokes. Different consumption methods must be consulted with the doctor.
  • It necessitates the use of additional tools [Dabber, Oil Rig, Joint Paper].


Topicals [Creams, Balms, Lotions, Pain Ease Oils]

CBD gel applied directly to the skin, dramatically reduced joint swelling in rats, according to a 2015 study trusted source – encouraging outcomes for individuals with illnesses like arthritis.

While studies on topicals haven’t provided a bioavailability estimate, we do know one thing: Topicals aren’t affected by the first-pass impact, thus they’ll target a specific location for relief.

If smoking and inhalation aren’t for you, topical CBD solutions are the best option. Using CBD balms, ointments, or lotions on your skin is known as a topical application.

For painful muscles, skin issues, and even migraines, this treatment is ideal. Apply the balm to any aching spot, such as the neck, feet, or back. You can massage your temples if you have a migraine.


Advantages Of Topical Applications:

  • Topicals are extremely simple to apply.
  • There are no further accessories or tools required.
  • It’s wonderful for muscle aches and pains, as well as skin issues like acne and inflammation.


Drawbacks Of Topical Products:

  • If you have a larger pain area, you’ll need a bigger quantity of the lotion.
  • The results aren’t as long-lasting as they are with other techniques.


Ingestion [Gummies, Brownies, Edibles]

In terms of popularity, edibles are the fastest growing ways to consume them. If you don’t like the flavor of CBD oil on its own, you can add it to your diet.

CBD edibles, such as gummies or brownies, are also excellent choices. They’re not only delicious, but they’re also the most inconspicuous method to consume CBD, particularly if you need to take a dose at work.

It is absolutely important to be mindful of your edibles consumption since they take about 1-2 hours to show visible effects, it is easy to mindlessly eat more than required. Be patient and allow time for them to work. Don’t eat too many pieces under the mistaken belief that nothing is happening.

Make sure to only eat about ⅓ portion of whatever edible you’re consuming, after that wait for an hour or two before eating more so that your body can adjust to these quantities.


Advantages Of Consuming Edibles: 

  • It’s extremely understated.
  • Countless dishes can be made with CBD oils and flowers such as gummies, brownies, cookies, mixed in salads, etc.


Disadvantages Of Edibles:

  • The effects could take a few hours to show.
  • It can be difficult to comprehend and determine the proper dosage


Sublingual Products [Tinctures & Sprays]

If you want to avoid additives, try a sublingual product. Many edibles contain sugar and preservatives, so if you want to avoid them, try a sublingual product.

These are meant to be absorbed through the mouth. They include tinctures, sprays, oils, and lozenges, which are prepared by soaking cannabis flowers in oil or alcohol.

Allowing the substance to absorb beneath your tongue rather than allowing it to pass through your digestive tract retains more CBD and allows you to see results sooner.


Advantages Of Sublingual Consumption:

  • It’s simple to consume and doesn’t require any special equipment.
  • Controlling dosage is easier.
  • It has long-term effects.


Drawbacks Of Sublingual Consumption:

  • Sublingual consumption may create different effects for everyone.
  • The earthy flavor of CBD may be too much for some folks.



Vaporizing, rather than smoking, is a cleaner and more convenient way to inhale CBD. Vaporizing CBD, like smoking, has a more immediate effect on the body since it enters the bloodstream without having to pass through the intestines and liver for digestion.

Vaporizers come in a variety of prices and might be difficult to operate for first-timers. Vaping might be a quick way to ingest CBD directly into the body, but vaping, like smoking, has the potential to cause health problems through the contaminants found in the vapes.

It is vital to ensure that contaminants such as cadmium, metal, and lead particles don’t pass into the mouth, since they might cause allergies. According to some users, CBD vaping creates an instant effect when vaped.



CBD can be taken in a variety of ways, and it’s beneficial in many health conditions including mental disorders, insomnia, muscle pain & inflammation, etc.

Whether you like vaping, topical application, edibles, or sublingual delivery, doing your research and planning ahead of time can ensure a smooth and happy experience.

CBD Hemp Flower – What You Need To Know

CBD has increased in popularity since the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill. Especially Hemp and Marijuana.

And since Marijuana and Hemp, these two names, have been used so often and interchangeably that many people get confused defining the two. Even more so, because they’re both varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant species.


What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD is found at the heart of the cannabis plant. The flower buds. They usually grow on the female hemp plants. These flowers usually bloom late, and the flower buds are harvested from the plant as soon as they mature.

These flowers buds carry the most purest form of CBD and very low amounts of THC along with other cannabinoids.

The CBD obtained from these flowers is Full-spectrum CBD. Hemp Flower have different flower strains with each strain carrying different uses and properties.


What Are The Different Strains Of Hemp Flower?

Hemp Flower have more than 10 different strains. Each carry its own unique properties and uses. But they largely differ in taste and content. Each strain is used for different situations.

CBD Flower strains are categorized by the amount of CBD each flower strain contains. These Hemp flowers are available in all online and offline markets.

Various farmers have harvested the cross breeding of different strains to produce better and fancier ones, and their variety ranges from stronger strains to lighter ones with different flavors and experiences.

Some popular examples of CBD Hemp strains are:
– Lifter
– Sour Space Candy
– Bubba Kush
– Honolulu Haze
– El Jefe
– Cherry Abacus
– Hawaiin Haze
– Frosted Kush
– Elektra
– Magic Bullet


What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

To put it simply, Marijuana and Hemp are both cousins originating from the cannabis family, capable of interbreeding despite their widely distinct compounds. Both are harvested from Cannabis and share a basic framework, but both of them have very stark differences.

– Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants but hemp plants are typically female.
– Hemp carries much lower THC than recreational marijuana. Hemp carries up to 0.3% of THC whereas Marijuana flower has almost 30% THC.
– Hemp is easy to grow outdoors and is very hardy. Marijuana plants on the other hand are very sensitive and require a very controlled environment.
– The trichomes of hemp plants are filled with a variety of terpenes. That gives it a unique smell.
– Hemp buds carry far more cannabinoids than recreational marijuana.


Hemp Flowers Have Countless Medicinal Properties

Hemp plays a huge role in fighting many mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has a certain calming and relaxing effect which is very useful for people suffering from such issues.

CBD has a lot of medicinal properties. It has very low THC content and anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD flowers contribute to curing a lot of diseases like glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and many more.

Everyday problems like headaches, pains, insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, and acne can also be treated by CBD.


Hemp Flowers Can Cure Nicotine Addiction

Tobacco smokes contain an addictive compound called nicotine, over time, nicotine develops an addiction and the person starts to feel uneasy if they don’t light a cigarette.

Hemp does not contain tobacco, nicotine, additives or any other intoxicating compounds. Rather they carry cannabinoids which are healthier for human health.

Nicotine in tobacco is the prime source of cigarette addiction whereas hemp is nicotine-free. Hemp does not develop an addiction.

Due to its low THC levels and medicinal values, CBD is devoid of any kind of side-effects. Hence, it is non-addictive and intoxication is almost impossible.

CBD is rather a healthier alternative with hardly any harmful after-effects, and provides a much better experience than a regular tobacco smoke. Smoking CBD instead of Tobacco will keep you addiction free.


It Does Not Get You High

THC / Delta-9 THC contains higher amounts of psychoactive ingredients that directly affect brain cells. Hence intoxicating a person to feeling lucid and high.

Unlike Marijuana, CBD don’t get you high. Hemp flowers may produce a high amount of cannabinoids but those cannabinoids have a very low amount of Delta-9 THC.

CBD contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which is barely as potent as recreational THC.

CBD roll-ups will give you a relaxing effect. It calms the brain cells and stabilizes blood pressure.


Hemp Flower Is Cheaper Than Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is expensive. This is because it requires a controlled environment to grow as it is very sensitive. The legal issues are an add-on to the price tag.

CBD is a hardy plant, that is easy to grow in various environmental conditions. It does not require any special treatment to obtain its yield. Thus, the production cost is low and so is the price tag.

Best Ways To Consume Hemp Flowers

CBD Hemp is a lighter and healthier form of cannabis, unlike its controversial counterpart. The benefits we can get from using this herb are phenomenal.
There are many ways that people enjoy this amazing flower to its fullest. Such as vapes, smokes, brownies, gummies, etc.

But if you’re looking for a solid holistic way of ingesting CBD into your body, your best bet is vaping. Vaping CBD allows the cannabinoids to infuse the body directly and quickly, hence showing results almost immediately. Vapes also filter out THC and Terpenes allowing pure CBD in our system.

Another popular method is smoking. Just like marijuana, CBD can be used to roll joints and blunts. Smoking puts the CBD directly into your bloodstream.

Lastly, CBD Edibles.

If you have smoking issues, or are just simply looking to digest your CBD buds, infusing hemp flowers in oil and butter is the best way to go. Just like THC, CBD is fat soluble, which allows you to create countless yummy goodies with these tasties.

Dishes like CBD brownies, pastries, cookies, stews, soups, etc. Digesting CBD allows the molecules to pass through the liver, hence breaking down the cannabinoids into smaller sections before entering into the blood stream.

This reduces its potency substantially, providing a much longer effect.

10 Reasons Cigarette Smokers Should Try CBD

Cigarettes are widely used all over the world despite their health concerns. It is highly addictive and many are trying to escape this realm of nicotine addiction. Some are looking for alternatives and this is where CBD comes in.

Derived from the hemp flower of the cannabis plant, CBD shares a lot of common areas with Marijuana but they are not quite the same. Marijuana is recreational and intoxicating whereas CBD is considered medicinal and light.

CBD smoke feels quite like smoking a cigarette although the former experience is better.

CBD is far better than cigarettes and these are the 10 reasons why:


1. Tobacco Causes Cancer. CBD Does Not

Cigarettes contain tobacco but CBD does not. Tobacco is harmful to the lungs and causes diseases like cancer, heart issues, lung problems, diabetes, etc.

CBD is completely safe from such problems. It does not contain any harmful elements, let alone anything carcinogenic. Research shows that many properties of CBD are anti-carcinogenic and therefore CBD can be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.


2. CBD Is Nicotine-Free

The biggest cause of addiction from cigarette smoking is due to a chemical known as Nicotine. It binds with the blood cells and gets you hooked to harmful nicotine addiction.

CBD doesn’t carry nicotine. It contains cannabinoids that have many health benefits to the human body. Aids countless mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, etc.


3. It Doesn’t Get You High

Although CBD belongs to the Marijuana family, it has the lowest amount of Delta-9 THC, less than 0.3% in the final product. Delta-9 THC is the chemical compound found in all cannabis plants that directly affects brain cells making you feel high and lucid.

Such effects are intoxicating for the body, followed by after-effects like paranoia, anxiety, and depression. CBD however, doesn’t contain high potent THC. Hence it won’t get you high.


4. It Comes In A Variety Of Choices

CBD comes in a variety of choices and flavors. There are mainly three main types of CBD. Isolate, Full-spectrum, and Broad-spectrum.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD, Full-spectrum CBD contains other compounds of cannabis as well as THC. Furthermore, Broad-spectrum CBD contains natural cannabis compounds but no THC.

Few famous examples are Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, Magic Bullet, Honolulu Haze, El Jefe, Hawaiin Haze, Cherry Abacus, Bubba Kush, Frosted Kush, and many more.

Cigarettes are rather boring because of their monotonous taste. Some varieties that are available are not of a good standard.


5. Cigarettes Leave A Foul Odor

Cigarettes have a foul smell and it always lingers in a smoker’s mouth and fingers. It also leaves a very bad and bitter after-taste in the mouth.

CBD does not have a foul odor. It has a rather distinct sour-smelling smoke that disappears with the smoke itself. The smoking smells don’t stick around thus providing a better experience to its user as well as the people around them.


6. CBD Contains Flavonoids

You might’ve gotten accustomed to the bitter taste of tobacco cigarettes. However, It would be a big stretch to say that cigarettes taste good.

CBD on the other hand contains many flavonoids and terpenes, that actually do taste wonderful. The beneficial oils in the CBD flowers enhance the effects of CBD.


7. CBD Is Legal

Unlike THC and marijuana, CBD is legal in many parts of the world. Including nationwide approval in the US. And it is not likely to get banned since CBD has more benefits to offer than any harm to cause.

The 2018 US farm bill, legalized CBD. The big launch of CBD smokes and products made CBD the fastest-selling hemp product of the 21st century.

Tobacco cigarettes might be legal, but it causes jitters, headaches, and develops an addiction to nicotine. CBD has medicinal values and thus switching to it will not only be a better choice but a healthy one as well.


8. CBD Carries Countless Health Benefits

This is perhaps the most important reason why we can choose CBD over cigarettes. CBD has several medicinal properties.

CBD plays a huge role in battling mental health problems like insomnia, anxiety, sinus, depression, etc. It even aids in helping with issues such as body pain, muscle spasms, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

It has anti-carcinogenic properties which are quite opposite to tobacco. Some reports indicated that CBD has been seen to have aided in treating diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and glaucoma to some extent.

There are many therapeutic values of CBD. The nerve-relaxing cannabinoids of CBD are a primary stress reliever. It is very good at improving and elevating moods and maintaining a calm and working mind.


9. CBD Doesn’t Contain Any Additives

Tobacco has many additives and other ingredients that make it more harmful than it already is. Some low-grade cigarettes even carry wood dust mixed with tobacco and people unknowingly ingest it via smoking.

CBD is 100% pure and natural. They come from fresh hemp plants and it does not contain any additives or chemicals, let alone wood dust.

Apart from all the medicinal values that CBD has to offer, there are absolutely no side effects of using it. CBD is rather addiction-free and more beneficial than tobacco smokes. CBD does not cause any intoxication or after-effects.


10. Smoking CBD Is Cheaper Than Tobacco Smoking

Cost-wise CBD is pricier than Tobacco smokes. However, the nicotine addiction to tobacco smoke will have you lighting up countless packs of cigarettes in a day. Hence, ending up purchasing cigarettes more than you need.

CBD on the other hand doesn’t develop an addiction. These Hemp smokes will keep you in check of your daily smoking, hence less purchasing and reducing the amount of money spent on smoking.


Final Thoughts

These 10 reasons clearly show a stark difference between CBD and Tobacco.

One is healthy while the other will kill you. It is better to smoke CBD on a bad day rather than smoking a cigarette because the former treats our brain cells while the other destroys the body from within.

Both online and offline stores have significant collections of CBD smokes, easily accessible for the local public.

The medicinal properties, therapeutic values, stress-busting elements intertwined with the variety of choices, and a premium user experience are all solid reasons that make CBD a better and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

CBD is about to blow up!

That is correct. The CBD industry has just begun expanding and people are starting to realize the incredible healing benefits of the hemp plant. You can use it to help deal with arthritis pain. And not just that, you can also use it to relieve stress and anxiety. And trust me, there are a LOT of people that are suffering from stress and anxiety right now given what’s going on in the world right now.

So more and more people are moving toward natural healing options rather than going with the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies offer. Because in almost all cases, people get addicted to those drugs and then they end up having to fully rely on them. Which then causes other side effects like liver damage when using high powered pain killers.