CBD Hemp Flower – What You Need To Know

CBD has increased in popularity since the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill. Especially Hemp and Marijuana.

And since Marijuana and Hemp, these two names, have been used so often and interchangeably that many people get confused defining the two. Even more so, because they’re both varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant species.


What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD is found at the heart of the cannabis plant. The flower buds. They usually grow on the female hemp plants. These flowers usually bloom late, and the flower buds are harvested from the plant as soon as they mature.

These flowers buds carry the most purest form of CBD and very low amounts of THC along with other cannabinoids.

The CBD obtained from these flowers is Full-spectrum CBD. Hemp Flower have different flower strains with each strain carrying different uses and properties.


What Are The Different Strains Of Hemp Flower?

Hemp Flower have more than 10 different strains. Each carry its own unique properties and uses. But they largely differ in taste and content. Each strain is used for different situations.

CBD Flower strains are categorized by the amount of CBD each flower strain contains. These Hemp flowers are available in all online and offline markets.

Various farmers have harvested the cross breeding of different strains to produce better and fancier ones, and their variety ranges from stronger strains to lighter ones with different flavors and experiences.

Some popular examples of CBD Hemp strains are:
– Lifter
– Sour Space Candy
– Bubba Kush
– Honolulu Haze
– El Jefe
– Cherry Abacus
– Hawaiin Haze
– Frosted Kush
– Elektra
– Magic Bullet


What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

To put it simply, Marijuana and Hemp are both cousins originating from the cannabis family, capable of interbreeding despite their widely distinct compounds. Both are harvested from Cannabis and share a basic framework, but both of them have very stark differences.

– Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants but hemp plants are typically female.
– Hemp carries much lower THC than recreational marijuana. Hemp carries up to 0.3% of THC whereas Marijuana flower has almost 30% THC.
– Hemp is easy to grow outdoors and is very hardy. Marijuana plants on the other hand are very sensitive and require a very controlled environment.
– The trichomes of hemp plants are filled with a variety of terpenes. That gives it a unique smell.
– Hemp buds carry far more cannabinoids than recreational marijuana.


Hemp Flowers Have Countless Medicinal Properties

Hemp plays a huge role in fighting many mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has a certain calming and relaxing effect which is very useful for people suffering from such issues.

CBD has a lot of medicinal properties. It has very low THC content and anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD flowers contribute to curing a lot of diseases like glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and many more.

Everyday problems like headaches, pains, insomnia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, and acne can also be treated by CBD.


Hemp Flowers Can Cure Nicotine Addiction

Tobacco smokes contain an addictive compound called nicotine, over time, nicotine develops an addiction and the person starts to feel uneasy if they don’t light a cigarette.

Hemp does not contain tobacco, nicotine, additives or any other intoxicating compounds. Rather they carry cannabinoids which are healthier for human health.

Nicotine in tobacco is the prime source of cigarette addiction whereas hemp is nicotine-free. Hemp does not develop an addiction.

Due to its low THC levels and medicinal values, CBD is devoid of any kind of side-effects. Hence, it is non-addictive and intoxication is almost impossible.

CBD is rather a healthier alternative with hardly any harmful after-effects, and provides a much better experience than a regular tobacco smoke. Smoking CBD instead of Tobacco will keep you addiction free.


It Does Not Get You High

THC / Delta-9 THC contains higher amounts of psychoactive ingredients that directly affect brain cells. Hence intoxicating a person to feeling lucid and high.

Unlike Marijuana, CBD don’t get you high. Hemp flowers may produce a high amount of cannabinoids but those cannabinoids have a very low amount of Delta-9 THC.

CBD contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which is barely as potent as recreational THC.

CBD roll-ups will give you a relaxing effect. It calms the brain cells and stabilizes blood pressure.


Hemp Flower Is Cheaper Than Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is expensive. This is because it requires a controlled environment to grow as it is very sensitive. The legal issues are an add-on to the price tag.

CBD is a hardy plant, that is easy to grow in various environmental conditions. It does not require any special treatment to obtain its yield. Thus, the production cost is low and so is the price tag.

Best Ways To Consume Hemp Flowers

CBD Hemp is a lighter and healthier form of cannabis, unlike its controversial counterpart. The benefits we can get from using this herb are phenomenal.
There are many ways that people enjoy this amazing flower to its fullest. Such as vapes, smokes, brownies, gummies, etc.

But if you’re looking for a solid holistic way of ingesting CBD into your body, your best bet is vaping. Vaping CBD allows the cannabinoids to infuse the body directly and quickly, hence showing results almost immediately. Vapes also filter out THC and Terpenes allowing pure CBD in our system.

Another popular method is smoking. Just like marijuana, CBD can be used to roll joints and blunts. Smoking puts the CBD directly into your bloodstream.

Lastly, CBD Edibles.

If you have smoking issues, or are just simply looking to digest your CBD buds, infusing hemp flowers in oil and butter is the best way to go. Just like THC, CBD is fat soluble, which allows you to create countless yummy goodies with these tasties.

Dishes like CBD brownies, pastries, cookies, stews, soups, etc. Digesting CBD allows the molecules to pass through the liver, hence breaking down the cannabinoids into smaller sections before entering into the blood stream.

This reduces its potency substantially, providing a much longer effect.