Delta 8 Is Being Competitively Sold Wholesale In Several States

A new product is hitting the shelves online and in person that’s generating a lot of press: Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta 8 for short.It’s nearly identical chemically to THC, the infamous and intoxicating compound found in marijuana. The small difference in composition that does exist is enough to make a big difference upon consumption.An extract of this compound from marijuana produces a high that is described by some as being a fraction the strength of a high from smoking regular marijuana. Most companies do not find it economically viable to actually extract Delta 8 from hemp, and so instead rearrange (isomerize) and tinker with molecules of CBD until they convert into Delta 8.

People are still approaching Delta 8 with caution as yet another discovery associated with the popular plant, but there’s an undeniable curiosity and interest in the matter. The market for this product is quickly burgeoning. Companies have decided that the time is right to begin producing their own signature brands of Delta 8 products – everything from gummy candy and lollipops to vape cartridges and baked goods. Many companies offer wholesale shipping to entities in need of high volume amounts of Delta 8.


Is it Legal to Buy Delta 8?

It’s not unreasonable for potential customers to have questions about the legality of this industry. The United States has a fragmented and disjointed approach to controlling cannabis. It’s important to do your own research to make sure your personal or financial concerns are completely addressed. It’s a good idea to consult all laws applicable to your intended purchases. Bear in mind that this will mean staying on top of rapidly shifting legal decisions. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at where Delta 8 currently stands.

Marijuana, defined by the Controlled Substances Act as any hemp plant with a concentration of THC crystals above 0.3% is still federally illegal to own, use, grow, or sell. However, a farming bill passed in 2018 legalized hemp, generating a lot of confusion. Some sources state that the farming bill’s wording enables Delta to be regulated purely at the state and local level. Other sources argue that the production of Delta 8 from CBD makes it artificial, and therefore banned by the law.

Regardless, recent administrations have made occasional statements that states will be allowed to legalize marijuana uncontested by the federal government. A number of states have banned Delta 8 altogether, but most are currently allowing it. Anyone looking to purchase some has a lot of options, even if they wish to purchase wholesale quantities.


Wholesale Delta-8

Many companies jumping into this industry are wary of people attempting to take advantage of the still fledgeling system. To protect themselves, they’ve restricted visibility of the wholesale prices for their Delta 8 products. That being said, some inferences can be made about price points.


Wholesale Flower

After browsing a few websites, some offers are priced similarly. Oftentimes, 1.5 grams of Delta 8 flower can sell for $10, while 28 grams, or 1 ounce of the same flower can cost $100. Breaking that down to a price per gram, the 1.5 offer costs $6.66/gram. The ounce breaks down to roughy $3.6/gram. The savings opportunities in this case are clear. That scenario is a good start to getting a feel for the wholesale Delta 8 industry, but it’s not enough yet. There’s a difference between the real price of wholesale and a mere bulk discount. Most outlets are charging hundreds of dollars for a pound of Delta 8 flower. If the actual price is $500 for a pound, then that divides to $31.25 per ounce. That would once again bring about the possibility of impressive savings down the line.


Wholesale Extracts

Extracts are not created equal to flower. They last as products for much longer, and have much more latitude to scale up their potency. Isolates, oils, and distillates all can be purified to maximize the inebriating effects of Delta 8. Flower can only be bred and grown, an arduous process that takes much longer. The question is, is there an increased cost to go along with this heightened capability? One company doesn’t publicly disclose its wholesale prices. Their site does provide further information, however, about their bulk discount. They offer 10 grams of distilled Delta 8 for $70.00. At $7 a gram, this flower is not cheap, but not exorbitant either.

A purchase from this business of 100 grams comes to $475 with a rate of $4.75 per gram. In terms of other options for wholesale, there are alcohol based tinctures as well. Four bottles of Delta 8 tincture (about an ounce of liquid in a bottle) goes for $72. This breaks down to $18 for an ounce of tincture. They are generally a powerful means of ingesting psychoactive compounds, with only a few drops often needed for a serving. It’s not unexpected that they’d be on the pricer side.


Get a Second Opinion

The numbers described here do not necessarily represent the current industry standard. Don’t be afraid to browse multiple venues when looking for a selection to make. As this industry is still finding its legs, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you find significant differences in price for the same product across different websites. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different wholesalers to source all of your needs. You might need to create accounts with a bunch of different outlets, but you’ll be rewarded for your diligence with the savings you earn by not compromising.

Some organizations are open to negotiation, so providing information about what you need and how much you can spend is an important step in the process. When finding a wholesaler to work with, keep in mind that foreign customers and businesses will be subjected to different laws. This will complicate most transactions. Having legal representation to examine the regulations regarding Delta 8 is ideal.