10 Reasons Cigarette Smokers Should Try CBD

Cigarettes are widely used all over the world despite their health concerns. It is highly addictive and many are trying to escape this realm of nicotine addiction. Some are looking for alternatives and this is where CBD comes in.

Derived from the hemp flower of the cannabis plant, CBD shares a lot of common areas with Marijuana but they are not quite the same. Marijuana is recreational and intoxicating whereas CBD is considered medicinal and light.

CBD smoke feels quite like smoking a cigarette although the former experience is better.

CBD is far better than cigarettes and these are the 10 reasons why:


1. Tobacco Causes Cancer. CBD Does Not

Cigarettes contain tobacco but CBD does not. Tobacco is harmful to the lungs and causes diseases like cancer, heart issues, lung problems, diabetes, etc.

CBD is completely safe from such problems. It does not contain any harmful elements, let alone anything carcinogenic. Research shows that many properties of CBD are anti-carcinogenic and therefore CBD can be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.


2. CBD Is Nicotine-Free

The biggest cause of addiction from cigarette smoking is due to a chemical known as Nicotine. It binds with the blood cells and gets you hooked to harmful nicotine addiction.

CBD doesn’t carry nicotine. It contains cannabinoids that have many health benefits to the human body. Aids countless mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, etc.


3. It Doesn’t Get You High

Although CBD belongs to the Marijuana family, it has the lowest amount of Delta-9 THC, less than 0.3% in the final product. Delta-9 THC is the chemical compound found in all cannabis plants that directly affects brain cells making you feel high and lucid.

Such effects are intoxicating for the body, followed by after-effects like paranoia, anxiety, and depression. CBD however, doesn’t contain high potent THC. Hence it won’t get you high.


4. It Comes In A Variety Of Choices

CBD comes in a variety of choices and flavors. There are mainly three main types of CBD. Isolate, Full-spectrum, and Broad-spectrum.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD, Full-spectrum CBD contains other compounds of cannabis as well as THC. Furthermore, Broad-spectrum CBD contains natural cannabis compounds but no THC.

Few famous examples are Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, Magic Bullet, Honolulu Haze, El Jefe, Hawaiin Haze, Cherry Abacus, Bubba Kush, Frosted Kush, and many more.

Cigarettes are rather boring because of their monotonous taste. Some varieties that are available are not of a good standard.


5. Cigarettes Leave A Foul Odor

Cigarettes have a foul smell and it always lingers in a smoker’s mouth and fingers. It also leaves a very bad and bitter after-taste in the mouth.

CBD does not have a foul odor. It has a rather distinct sour-smelling smoke that disappears with the smoke itself. The smoking smells don’t stick around thus providing a better experience to its user as well as the people around them.


6. CBD Contains Flavonoids

You might’ve gotten accustomed to the bitter taste of tobacco cigarettes. However, It would be a big stretch to say that cigarettes taste good.

CBD on the other hand contains many flavonoids and terpenes, that actually do taste wonderful. The beneficial oils in the CBD flowers enhance the effects of CBD.


7. CBD Is Legal

Unlike THC and marijuana, CBD is legal in many parts of the world. Including nationwide approval in the US. And it is not likely to get banned since CBD has more benefits to offer than any harm to cause.

The 2018 US farm bill, legalized CBD. The big launch of CBD smokes and products made CBD the fastest-selling hemp product of the 21st century.

Tobacco cigarettes might be legal, but it causes jitters, headaches, and develops an addiction to nicotine. CBD has medicinal values and thus switching to it will not only be a better choice but a healthy one as well.


8. CBD Carries Countless Health Benefits

This is perhaps the most important reason why we can choose CBD over cigarettes. CBD has several medicinal properties.

CBD plays a huge role in battling mental health problems like insomnia, anxiety, sinus, depression, etc. It even aids in helping with issues such as body pain, muscle spasms, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

It has anti-carcinogenic properties which are quite opposite to tobacco. Some reports indicated that CBD has been seen to have aided in treating diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and glaucoma to some extent.

There are many therapeutic values of CBD. The nerve-relaxing cannabinoids of CBD are a primary stress reliever. It is very good at improving and elevating moods and maintaining a calm and working mind.


9. CBD Doesn’t Contain Any Additives

Tobacco has many additives and other ingredients that make it more harmful than it already is. Some low-grade cigarettes even carry wood dust mixed with tobacco and people unknowingly ingest it via smoking.

CBD is 100% pure and natural. They come from fresh hemp plants and it does not contain any additives or chemicals, let alone wood dust.

Apart from all the medicinal values that CBD has to offer, there are absolutely no side effects of using it. CBD is rather addiction-free and more beneficial than tobacco smokes. CBD does not cause any intoxication or after-effects.


10. Smoking CBD Is Cheaper Than Tobacco Smoking

Cost-wise CBD is pricier than Tobacco smokes. However, the nicotine addiction to tobacco smoke will have you lighting up countless packs of cigarettes in a day. Hence, ending up purchasing cigarettes more than you need.

CBD on the other hand doesn’t develop an addiction. These Hemp smokes will keep you in check of your daily smoking, hence less purchasing and reducing the amount of money spent on smoking.


Final Thoughts

These 10 reasons clearly show a stark difference between CBD and Tobacco.

One is healthy while the other will kill you. It is better to smoke CBD on a bad day rather than smoking a cigarette because the former treats our brain cells while the other destroys the body from within.

Both online and offline stores have significant collections of CBD smokes, easily accessible for the local public.

The medicinal properties, therapeutic values, stress-busting elements intertwined with the variety of choices, and a premium user experience are all solid reasons that make CBD a better and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.